David Gildeh

SaaS Entrepreneur. CEO/Founder SambaStream, acquired by Alfresco where I became Director of Cloud Services launching their Enterprise Cloud Business. Now CEO/Founder of Dataloop.IO, a monitoring tool for DevOps

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk at Hacker News London on the Story of Dataloop.IO and how we got our initial customers and traction using Customer Development. David Gideh – Using Customer Development to get Traction in a Crowded Space from HN…

Using Customer Development to get Traction in a Crowded Space


In the past few weeks, we closed our seed funding round at Dataloop.IO, moved to new offices, hired 2 more people and did some PR to announce our funding round. In parallel our meetup group, DevOps Exchange, has now grown to become the worlds 2nd…

Making everything a Pipeline in your Start-up


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like Fusion, its always 30 years away. The dream of building computers that are as intelligent (if not more) than we are is still a long way off, but there have been some recent changes that make several experts in the…

The Future of Enterprise: Artificial Intelligence

Coursera Logo

My last blog talked about the effect of Big Data on the future of Enterprise. When it comes to generating insights and correlations on data, a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), is a key tool in the Data Scientist’s arsenal. Machine Learning…

The Future of Enterprise: Machine Learning



Big Data

This blog is a follow up to my previous blog on The New Instability and the Future of Enterprise, and was inspired by Daniel Hulme’s General Assembly class on Big Data to Big Wisdom. There’s a lot of hype at the moment about Big Data,…

The Future of Enterprise: Big Data



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The past few weeks I’ve been learning about learning about Machine Learning from Stanford Professor Andrew Ng on Coursera. I love how anyone can learn advanced subjects online from the worlds top professors in their field for free, but this post isn’t about the course,…

How to Install Octave on Mountain Lion (10.8.X)



The New Instability

Over Christmas, I discovered a great book recommended on Amazon by Peter Evans-Greenwood, The New Instability. The book coherently brings together a lot of areas I’m interested in, primarily how globalization and new technology are forcing Enterprises to change the way they are organized and…

The New Instability & The Future of Enterprise



Margaret Thatcher

Although I lived through the Thatcher years, I didn’t ‘live’ through the Thatcher years, I was too young to understand or remember all the things she did while in power. So my respect for her is based on what I learned about her from books,…

Why The World Needs More Margaret Thatchers

Cloud House

Now that I’ve moved my blog to WordPress.com I’ve pretty much moved all my digital life to Software as a Service (SaaS) services. I’m living up to my title of Director of Cloud Services at Alfresco by living what I preach. It took a while…

Living in the Cloud

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After almost a year, I came back to add a new post on some talks I’ve been doing recently (will post next!) only to find my Drupal website, hosted at Dreamhost had been hacked for the 2nd time, and my blog was just showing a…

Moving my Blog to WordPress.com