My Profile PicI started my career in Accenture, consulting in Enterprise Content Management for large financial services organisations. I eventually joined Accenture Development Partnerships where I became the PCM Practice lead, helping generate over $1.2m in new projects in the NGO sector, delivering collaboration portals to aid relief workers, while working in countries across the world from Thailand, to India and the US.

It was during this time I got to know and loath SharePoint. No tool has proliferated Enterprises so fast by providing something slightly better than before, while still failing to really help the end user really get their work done effectively. This led me to leave Accenture and found SambaStream, with a mission of creating new collaboration tools that were accessible to any user in any organisation, but most importantly produced a tool that users actually liked and worked around them. This product was called SambaJAM, was used by several creative agencies, before we were acquired by Alfresco in July 2011.

SambaStream taught me a lot about start-ups, launching and designing Cloud products, strategy, marketing, sales and everything else required to launch a business and new Cloud service. This experience has allowed me to take up the position of Director of Cloud Services at Alfresco, where I launched their Enterprise Cloud business and took it to 100,000’s of users and 6-figure revenue before I left to start Dataloop.IO.

During my time launching Alfresco’s Cloud Service, we hit the problem of monitoring our service while implementing DevOps into our team/culture. This lead me to leave Alfresco in October 2013, with my Co-Founders Steven Acreman and Colin Hemmings to build a new monitoring tool for DevOps teams running online services at scale, Dataloop.IO. Dataloop.IO combines our experiance of DevOps and Collaboration tools into a new category of monitoring tool that can be rolled out across large organisation as a complete self-service solution.

As part of launching Dataloop.IO, I also founded what has become the world’s largest DevOps meetup, DevOps Exchange, with over 3,400 members and 150+ attendees every month.

My goal is to help disrupt the Enterprise software industry with products and services that end users get as excited about like a new iPad release, because we’re delivering services that work the way users want and actually help millions of people work effectively online together.

This blog is a collection of ideas, opinions and advice. While the core focus is on start-ups and technology, I may sometimes go on a tangent into politics and other subjects from time to time!


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