Firefox becoming more unstable…


Firefox_logoNow I know I’m not the first person to complain about this, I just did a quick Google search and it appears this problem is common. I have noticed that my very good and stable browser Firefox, running on Windows XP, has become less stable as new releases come out. What surprises me is that these new updates that I keep getting asked to install are minor versions – versions supposed to fix existing bugs, not introduce new changes/features with new bugs!

My current version of Firefox appears to be the most unstable, regularly crashing on AJAX applications such as Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Pandora and Startforce. Even my own site, as I’m using TinyMCE, a javascript editor, seems to have problems when I use it sometimes! What surprises me is that IE6, which is much older and I used to complain about, seems to actually be more stable!

Now the obvious reason is that developers build and test for IE6 as it is the most common browser out there, but I thought Firefox’s strength was that it was open source, standard compliant, and had a large community of developers fixing bugs quickly as they came up, not introducing new ones!

These issues are going to slow down Firefox’s success! Many of the great features it has like multi-tab browsing, have also been copied by Microsoft in IE7. Firefox should keep the browser slim, fast and most importantly stable if they’re going to continue to grow so fast. With so many AJAX applications appearing the development should focus around it JavaScript engine and making it stable and secure.

Anyway, that’s my piece for today, leave a comment if you’re also having problems with Firefox!