Finally a new-clear strategy!!


This week the British government announced they were full steam ahead for building more nuclear power plants to meet the UK’s growing energy needs and reduce our CO2 impact in the world. This is after a decade of indecision!

While I understand the risks inherent with nuclear reactors and nuclear waste disposal, this is long overdue. There is no other CO2 free energy source that can produce the amounts of power nuclear can, and the latest breed of reactors are long overdue! As long as the government pursues a parallel strategy to invest and grow our renewable energy sector as well, this seems like the most viable way of reducing our dependence on fossil fuel and is one all developed nations should wake up to and start investing in!

I would actually say organisations such as Greenpeace who have actively fought against nuclear power in favor of renewables have probably caused more Global warming by delaying the decisions the governments need to make on this issue than they would have if they kept their mouths shut! Imagine if this had happened 10 years ago like it should have, we’d already be starting to build the new reactors and be able to generate even more of our energy from this source in the future, as opposed to now, where the reactors will come online just as the old ones are starting to be decommissioned!

Anyway, good news for the UK. One comment the government made was that most developed countries were competing for limited skilled people to design and build the new reactors, I hope a bottle neck does not prevent the developed countries for ramping up nuclear energy use across the world!