Intelligent Spamming?!


If you’ve ever left a comment on my site, you may notice that it doesn’t appear right away. I like to approve them before they get put up for everyone to see and the main reason for that is not for flaming (I think any good blogger should be able to accept some critisim and I’ve even published one from a redneck American who didn’t agree with my views on Obama) but for spamming.

I thought I had fixed the problem by installing the Captcha module for Drupal that everyone must fill out before submitting a comment, but I’m still getting these new comments that don’t seem quite right. They ARE subject related, but the way they are written is like an advert for services. For example, my Google blogs have got some comments saying something along the lines of “Yes Google is a great service but if you don’t want them to rip off your big idea visit….” with a link to a website on pushing up your Google page rank. However, some comments appear very legitamate but point to a random site that looks like spam and I’ve put a couple up because I’m honestly not sure if its a real comment or spam!

So my question is have spam bots, the plague of the internet that got hold of my email address ages ago when I nievely used to put it on this site and now send me Viagra adverts several times a day, become so intelligent that they can read my Captcha images and post subject related messages with adverts in them? Or are there people who sit around posting these spam comments on random blogs for companies? I would really like to know!

I would also like to point out that if you are a legitimate commentor on my blog, please do no put a link to some random site that looks like spam in your website field or comment or I will assume its spam and delete it. If you have some need to put it in there, please mention why in your comment and make sure its subject related!