Drupal For NGO’s Presentation – Ashoka Connect Website


drupalforNGOslogoTonight I presented at the Drupal for NGO’s event in London that I go to sometimes. Its basically an event to connect Drupal developers to NGOs so us developers can help NGO’s build sites and online applications (using Drupal of course). Obviously with my Accenture Development Partnerships background, this is of great interest to me, especially as I am probably the only consultant in Accenture to ever deliver 2 Drupal projects while I was working there for Ashoka and EITI. While you can checkout the EITI site on the link provided, we actually built another site for Ashoka (not their main one) to connect social investors to social entrepreneurs around the world, kind of like a social networking tool with a greater purpose than photo sharing!

I’ve put the slides below on Scribd which should explain the project and how we went about building it in Drupal. Interestingly for this project, we needed to connect to another database where all the profile data was stored so that the profile data could be shared with other sites Ashoka plans to do in the future. The site also includes Google Maps integration for plotting fellows on maps in search results and profile pages.

In the project, my part was acting as project lead, acting as technical architect and project manager overseeing and training our excellent team in Bangkok! Because the site hasn’t gone live yet and is under test I used screenshots to present the site, but hopefully by the time you read it, the site will be up and running properly here: http://e2e.ashokalab.org.

Drupal For NGOs – Ashoka Connect