SambaStream Acquired, new role at Alfresco


It’s been a very long time since I last wrote a blog, and I’ve got loads of thoughts and advice on start-ups to share after 3 years of SambaStream. A few of my start-up friends are encouraging me to share them, however I couldn’t possibly start blogging again without posting a short update on where I’ve been up to since the last blog over a year ago.

A few weeks ago, SambaStream, the company I Founded and was CEO of, was acquired by the very successful and much larger company, Alfresco, which we had built SambaJAM on top of. As soon as I showed them what we’d been doing in the Cloud with Alfresco, it became clear there was a lot of fit between what both companies were looking for at the time. In our case, funding and resources, in their case experience running Alfresco in the Cloud and building a business around it.

So now I’ve joined Alfresco as Director of Cloud Services, responsible for taking Alfresco into the Cloud, building both the service and the business around it. In a way, its like building another business inside an existing business from the ground up, and I’m very excited about continuing to build on top of my SambaStream experience and building an even bigger business than before!

Already in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve connected with loads of great entrepreneurs and companies, and I am planning a trip to “The Valley” (Silicon Valley) later this year to connect with more and doing the rounds in building the partnerships and learning from the best that will be needed to grow a successful Cloud business here at Alfresco. I’ve also got a great team and some decent resources to work on some of the ideas we explored at SambaStream but had to put on hold as a small start-up.

Anyway, I will make an effort to start blogging more on my start-up experience and opinions, and also about what we’re doing here at Alfresco and opinions on where the Cloud and Content Management/Collaboration technology is moving too!